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sketching on the via San Vittoria in Anversa

2016 Season

Art in Anversa & BEYOND

our mountain home, the city, or the shore…

Utuado, Puerto Rico
feb 5 - 12
sessions in Anversa:
may 14 - 21 may 28 - june 4
june 11 - 18 june 25 - july 2
july 9 - 16 sept 10 - 17
sessions in Rome:
may 6 - 13
session in Ischia:
sept 23 - 30

An Insider's View of Contemporary & Historical Art in Rome

An Insider's View of Contemporary & Historical Art in Romed This workshop will be conducted by Patricia Antonucci and Barbara Schaefer. We are two New York based artists who have traveled and exhibited internationally, joining our creative forces to offer you a week of exciting and energizing approaches to art. As "insiders," we are offering an intriguing week of unusual encounters with Roman artists, art galleries and meanderings through Roman neighborhoods. Through backstreet views we will visit contemporary artist's studios, with a firsthand intimate glimpse of their work and lives.

Weaving our way through the ancient streets, churches and monuments of Rome, where Bernini, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Leonardo left their mark of genius, we will juxtapose the old and new worlds, journaling and eventually sharing our unique observations and impressions. The week will culminate in an individual or collaborative project.

Staying at the lovely Albergo Raphael, down the street from the magnificent Piazza Navona, with its three Bernini fountains, we will breakfast on the roof terrace in preparation for the day. Porta Portese, dining in local trattorias and a day trip to mediaeval Viterbo are a few of the activities on our agenda.

We can be reached:

Patricia: 212-243-4702/ email:
Barbara: 917-686-6205/ email:

Workshops in Anversa

Please contact us for class details and specific dates that each Workshop will be offered during the coming season. See details of our new workshops below.

Drawing and Painting: the Essence of Shape and Color
Collage: An Ancient Technique Revisited
Abstraction: A Dialogue with Nature
Multi-Media Memoir: Art, Writing & Memory
Going Digital: Digital Photography for Artists
blessed unrest: Creative Theater Intensive website

Along with our scheduled sessions, AMW also creates customized, week-long workshops for groups of five or more. Call us to discuss your preferred dates and media (encaustic, fresco and large mural painting are also offered), and we’ll provide you with professional instructors, studio space and supplies along with food and lodging in the beautiful town of Anversa.

•   •   •

Tuition & Features

Rosinella the donkey carrying wild truffles on the via San Nicola

The rate for each one-week session
in Anversa is US$2050/EURO€1550 and includes:

  • all classes with professional instructors
  • all materials and supplies
  • unlimited studio time
  • working excursions to villages and
        exceptional mountain sites
  • seven nights accommodations
  • daily al fresco lunch
  • final critique and farewell supper

not included:

  • airfare and travel to Anversa
  • meals not specified above

View and print the AMW Registration Form (in Adobe Reader format).

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2016 Highlights

Rounding out our 2016 schedule, AMW is excited to highlight these workshops for artists seeking to extend their creativity in new directions:

Drawing and Painting: the Essence of Shape and Color is designed to open your eyes to the colors and light of the Abruzzo region.

mixing colorsUsing a wide range of drawing and painting materials, as well as powdered pigments and organic materials collected from nature, you will create unusual palettes and colors unavailable commercially.

Then, working in the studio and open air, you'll use your new materials to experiment with layering, optical color mixing and other mixed-media techniques, giving you new and innovative ways of approaching your work.

Collage: An Ancient Technique Revisited

Collage: An Ancient Technique RevisitedCollage — heterogeneous assembly, composed of parts of different kinds. This definition brings to mind a visual assembly of the oldest sort. Surfaces of early cave paintings; woven tapestries; the walls of modern-day Rome where layers of posters have been torn and faded into glorious patterns of text and imagery. Many artists, including Hannah Hoch and Man Ray were influenced by these forms. Tearing, cutting, layering of paper, photographic imagery, found objects... They used this building process to create a new and stunning art form.

Our week will explore some of these techniques using drawings, paintings, fabrics, papers, as we practice this lively method of creative discovery.

Abstraction: A Dialogue with Nature

carla : aurich abstractionAre you ready to move beyond representation? This course engages the student with the basic fundamentals of abstraction: formal contrasts, color, space, materials and technique.

Mornings will be spent working outdoors from observation to gather source material to be used later in the studio. Indoors, we will work from natural objects and imagination. Although the focus of this course is on painting, source material can be collected through drawings, watercolor, and photographs. Students will be encouraged to develop their own abstract language to ultimately express their connection to nature and place.

Multi-Media Memoir: Art, Writing & Memory

Have you ever dreamed of escaping the rush of life to spend time recalling and recording a piece of your personal history?

As time passes, our defining memories—relationships and events that shaped us—are often neglected or forgotten. Yet understanding who we’ve become depends on knowing where we’ve come from.

the mountainside village of AnversaIn this workshop, you'll use the pure, uncluttered world of Anversa to step back, to collect fragile memories and to give form, in visual arts and words, to a key story from your life. Each day, guided by artists and writing instructors, you’ll turn your raw materials—old photos and letters, emotions and events—into a structured archive that will begin to tell your story in your own personal way.

Our week-long journey will guide you in creating an individual form of expression—combining words, paint, collage, even digital design—to help you discover and interpret the details that will bring your story to life.

Going Digital

Going Digital is a practical course in digital photography that covers all the bases from shooting better images and improving them in the computer to using images in e-mail and slideshows to archiving them on CD and DVD. All you'll need is a digital camera, a laptop and a desire to deepen your understanding and skills in this exciting new medium.

AMW is also excited to announce its ninth year “in viaggio.” We’ll be teaching one-week Workshops in the verdant mountains of Puerto Rico and on the Italian island of Ischia. Sign up now for a unique experience in travel and creative arts.

Saturday Multi-Media in NYC

our hands-on salon, November through March— details

painting in the countryside near Anversa

How much art experience is needed?

Workshops are designed to enhance the senses and skills of students at any level, from beginner to advanced. Everyone who loves art is encouraged to attend.

How many attend each session?

Class size is limited to allow maximum interaction between artist and instructor. Workshops average six participants—the limit at each week-long session is ten.

the Gole di Saggitario, WWF reserve in Abruzzo What is the daily schedule?

Students arrive in Anversa on Saturday then spend six full days in the village. Classes begin each morning at nine and continue until one-thirty. After lunch, students may consult with instructors as they continue work on projects either in the studio or at locations in the village or the surrounding countryside. A final critique and farewell dinner take place Friday evening.

How about materials and supplies?

All materials are provided. The Workshop offers a huge selection of supplies and media including tempera, acrylic, oil, charcoal, watercolor, fresco and encaustic plus materials for clay and wood sculpture and assemblage—allowing students to stretch their imaginations to the fullest.

accommodations in Anversa

What accommodations and meals are available?

As part of our immersion into village life, lodging is arranged in comfortable, unpretentious apartments that reflect the character of Anversa. Single and double occupancy units are available. Lunches, served daily at the studio, and Friday supper are prepared by our own chef, and feature the fresh, traditional dishes of the Abruzzo region.

For meals not included in the Workshop, students may shop at local markets or choose from many wonderful area restaurants—including three in Anversa and others a short drive away.

Workshop chef, Patrizia, prepares our favorite meal, peperoni ripienoIs Anversa hard to get to?

Only 75 miles (120km) from Rome's Fiumicino Airport (map), Anversa is easily reached by direct bus from Rome or by train to nearby Sulmona. The Workshop also offers a driver who can be hired to drive you from the airport directly to Anversa. In addition, numerous car rental agencies arrange weekly rentals that allow you to conveniently explore the Abruzzo region during your stay.

Can I bring a friend or spouse?

Yes, Workshop participants can attend with a non-participating companion. Rooms and meals are easily arranged, and the guest is free to relax, explore and enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

students share lunch at the Abruzzi Mountain Workshop

Is Anversa near other touring sites?

Anversa lies in the center of a region rich with natural and cultural sites. An easy day trip from the splendors of Rome, it's also an hour from the pristine Adriatic coast and 90 miles (144km) north of Naples. In addition, the stunning scenery and village life of the Abruzzi region offer endless adventures into the heart of traditional Italy.


map: Rome to Anversa degli Abruzzi


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